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Today's reading, currently in the 1599 Geneva, was:

Deuteronomy 1-17

Today's focus chapter for seeking Scripture interpreting Scripture in both the 1599 Geneva and in the KJV:

Deuteronomy 33

Have also been reading a chapter a day in the NKJV to examine that version:

Today's chapter:

Revelation 15

Quote of the Day

In order for us all to perceive clearly that the Roman Pontiff is that Antichrist, as I have asserted, let us further expound his description from the rest of the Apostle's prophecy. In the fourth verse, Paul points out three specific attributes by which the Antichrist may be identified. First, he will elevate himself above all that is called God, and in so doing oppose God. Second, he will sit in the temple, the sanctuary of God, as if God. Third, he will declare himself to be God. All of these traits are worthy of infinite discourse, but out of necessity must limit myself to a systematic, yet brief, teaching.

William Whitaker