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Today's reading, currently in the New King James Version, was:

Song of Solomon, Ruth, and Lamentations

Today's focus chapter for seeking Scripture interpreting Scripture in the 1599 Geneva, the KJV, and the NKJV:

Judges 1

Also reading a chapter a day in the NASB to examine that version:

Today's chapter:

Genesis 19

Quote of the Day

They shall bring in, by crafty devices, ungodliness; or, in other words, together with the Gospel, they shall craftily bring in that which is their own.  For they will not deny the Gospel, but, together with the words of the Gospel, they shall introduce both glosses, interpretations, and decrees of their own invention; and, by imperceptible degrees they shall draw men aside from 'the King's high-way' of faith, into sects of work mongers, by which they shall corrupt and destroy the Gospel:  so that, at last, it shall be rendered useless for the teaching of faith. 
Martin Luther